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    Rooted in China, expand overseas market
    • 2016-2022

      Overseas Development

      2016  Built the new headquarters building

      2017  Established the R&D base in Japan

      2019  Expand overseas market 

      2020  Established sales office in Germany 

      2021  Nominated new business by VW Anhui & VW Brazil

      2022  Expand NEVs business、Start the construction of Hefei Plant

    • 2011-2015

      Footprint In China

      2011  Started domestic footprint

      2013  Founded Fucheng Group

      2014  Shenyang Fucheng and Wuhan Fucheng put into production

      2015  Qingyuan Fucheng put into production

    • 2001-2010

      Product Expansion

      2001  The first factory established in Ningbo

      2003  Launched console business

      2006  Launched grille business

      2008  Started exporting business

      2009  Established Fucheng mold company

    • 1991-2000

      Group Start

      1991  Purchased the first injection molding machine.

      1993  Panel pointer business

      1995  Made plastic products

      1998  Launched gearshift  knob

      2000  Launched glove box


    Two R & D bases, eight production factories and one business units 

    Group headquarters in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province 

    • Global Development
    • Factories Footprint

    With nearly 30 years of development, 

    Fucheng group has become the leading supplier in China

    CNAS national approved laboratory that providing reliable guarantee for R&D and quality

    Financial Secure and Quick Response

    Saic-Volkswagen Excellent Supplier Award

    Saic-GM Excellent Award

    Dongfeng Honda Excellent Supplier Award

    National High-tech Enterprise

    Zhejiang High-tech Enterprise Research and Development Centre

    One of The Key Mold Company in China

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